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Equality and Discrimination: post-election priorities

7th October 2015

A diverse panel of speakers delivered talks on a range of topics relating to diversity and equality in the workplace.

Pre Trade Union Bill analysis

15 July 2015 The Trade Union Bill will have its first reading in the House of Commons today (15 July 2015), when the full extent of the government’s vindictive attack on trade unions and their members will be revealed

Briefing: the Government’s proposed Trade Union Bill

13 July 2015 The proposed Trade Unions Bill, as announced in the recent Queen’s speech (27 May), will reportedly be published this Wednesday. Here, IER and CLASS have put together a Briefing Note on what we think the Bill will contain. Further Briefings will follow once we see the actual content of the Bill.

NEW: You Tube clip of Ewing & Hendy

18 February 2015 It’s official. UK workers need a pay rise. Thank you Mr Cameron for your belated words of wisdom! But Cameron’s outburst is no more than the Bullingdon Boy’s equivalent of saying, ‘let them eat cake’. Cameron is so far removed from the people he allegedly represents that he cannot see the problems let alone the solutions.