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Workplace Issues: taking up the issues with the new government

10th June 2015

IER’s first conference to take place after the general election; an excellent opportunity to assess the government’s programme of work.

The right to strike re-affirmed at ILO

25 February 2015 According to a press release from ITUC today (25 February 2015), a breakthrough has been made at the International Labour Organisation(ILO) following two years during which employers at the ILO brought the UN body’s global supervisory system to a standstill in an attempt to wipe out decades of ILO jurisprudence supporting the right to strike.

Strengthening the Blacklisting Regulations: An Institute of Employment Rights Briefing

23 January 2013 The following briefing was produced for Labour MPs prior to the debate in Parliament on blacklisting on the afternoon of 23 January 2013 by Carolyn Jones It is shameful that so little has been done to acknowledge the scandal of blacklisting and scandalous that even less has been done to compensate those who have suffered from this vile practice.

Workers are integral to saving the flailing construction industry – so why not let them have a voice?

16 January 2013 Yesterday (15 January 2013), Minister for Construction and Tory MP Michael Fallon announced the launch of an 18-member advisory council, which has been developed by Government Chief Construction Adviser Peter Hansford in order to look at ways to help the flailing construction industry get back on its feet.

Access to Justice: Liverpool and London

19th March 2014 – 10:30 am

Following the introduction of far-reaching changes to employment tribunals practice and procedures, including the introduction of fees, this event looked at how these changes are affecting access to justice in the employment tribunal system. Delegates at the event were given a free copy of two IER publications dealing with issues of access to justice.

Pensions: changes and challenges

12th February 2014 – 1:00 am

FLYER Pensions London 12-2-14 FINAL.pdf, Chris Haswell New Fair Deal in Pensions.pdf, Craig Berry - Third Time Lucky.pdf, Michael Ford... Read more »