Workers’ Rights in Times of Crisis (free e-edition)

6 years since the Trade Union Act came to force, this book discusses the Government’s new legal bonfire of rights at work

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About the book

In partnership with the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom, we have prepared this booklet to outline the changes trade unions need to reverse the chain of events which have led to the worst collapse in living standards since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Although written from a legal perspective, we thought it important to look more widely at the current situation to set the context of the attacks on living standards and workers’ rights now taking place.

We begin by outlining the nature and effect of the current crisis and the abject failure of the government to take steps to protect the bulk of the population from the unfolding disaster brought about by Tory ideology, indifference and incompetence. We then set out the nature of the legal attack to reduce the rights of workers and to undermine the capacity of trade unions to fight back, a legal onslaught which substitutes for government action to reverse the chaos.

In our Conclusion, we set out the bare bones of what is required to enable workers, through their unions, to restore control over their standard of living, their dignity and their rights. We add a Workers’ Bill of Rights to articulate what ought to be demanded, informed in part by our assessment of the international legal obligations by which the government is bound.

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