TUPE update: the new regulations, LONDON

26th June 2014 – 9:30 am

Thursday 26th June 2014

A one-day conference
Unite the Union, London
9.30am – 3.30pm

Organised by the Institute of Employment Rights

About the Conference

The government published new TUPE Regulations in November 2013, revealing service provision rules will not be repealed, but several changes will be made that could hinder trade union activity. There are many uncertainties about the new regulations and the conference aimed to provide answers to the questions below, and to questions from delegates on the day.

• How do the new Regulations affect a change of service provision?

• What happens to collective agreements following a transfer?

• How long will the terms of an existing collective agreement last, following a transfer?

• Will collective redundancy consultation prior to a transfer be applied post transfer.

• Will trade unions have an opportunity to consult with new employers?

• How will a change of location following a transfer be dealt with?

• Is the law different for small businesses?

Every day, more and more public services are contracted out to private providers. In these difficult times it is imperative that trade union representatives understand how the changed Regulations impact on their members and how best to respond both industrially and politically.

At this latest (and always popular) TUPE conference, legal and trade union experts unravelled the details of the new Regulations and their implications for workers collective and individual rights.

At the conference The IER launched Richard Arthur’s new publication on TUPE.


Chaired by Nerys Owen, Labour Research Department

Richard Arthur, Thompsons Solicitors
The New TUPE Regulations: a critical analysis
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Ellie Reeves, O H Parsons
TUPE Claims: when is a change substantial and of material detriment
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Elizabeth Stephenson, Pattinson and Brewer
Two TUPE changes in practice
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Hannah Reed, TUC
TUPE changes:an overview from the TUC
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