Seminar Papers for 2008/09

An archive of seminar papers from 2008 and 2009, available for download.

Photo by Jan Kolar
12th May 2009

Seminar Papers for 2008/9 are available below. Click on the Conference event of interest and then the name of the speaker whose paper you want to download.


The Quality of Working Life: Promoting a Healthy Agenda
24 June 2008

Employment Law Update 2008
15 October 2008

Update on Equality Law: Are we Catching Up?:
22 October 2008

Neoliberalism and Labour law: Challenging the Concepts
5 November 2008

Employment Law Update: A North West Event
12 November 2008

Women at Work: 90 Years Since the Representation of the People Act 1918
3 December 2008

Stress: Still a Workplace Killer
14 January 2009

NW TUPE Regulations: Possibilities and Problems conference
24 February 2009

10 Years of the National Minimum Wage
4 March 2009

The Employment Act 2008: A Critical Overview
12 May 2009