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Latest News

29 September 2016

Only three of 700 employers identified as underpaying their workers have been prosecuted in the past two and half years, according to a Guardian report.

28 September 2016

The IER's Manifesto for Labour Law was partly borne out of international comparison with Europe's strongest economies, where collective bargaining has served to create more equal and more resilient economies than in the UK.

27 September 2016

General Secretary of the TSSA Manuel Cortes has announced the union's official support for the IER's Manifesto for Labour Law- 25 policy recommendations that have become the blueprint for Labour Party policy on employment law.

Promoted Publication

A Manifesto for Labour Law: towards a comprehensive revision of workers’ rights

edited by K D Ewing, John Hendy and Carolyn Jones

A Manifesto for Labour Law: towards a comprehensive revision of workers’ rights

The world of work has changed and with it the nature and role of the workforce. For the UK’s 31 million workers, many of the changes have had a devastating impact on their working lives and their living standards. Britain’s workers are amongst the most insecure, unhappy and stressed workers in Europe.

Learn more about the Manifesto and support our cause

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Health and Safety Update 2016: Liverpool

04/10/2016 09:30

Tuesday 04 October 2016

A one-day conference
Conference room, Jack Jones House, Unite the Union NW Office, 1 Islington, Liverpool L3 8EG