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24 May 2017

The BBC has reported that Matthew Taylor – Head of the government’s ongoing review into employment law and the “gig” economy – will recommend providing workers on zero-hour contracts with ‘the right to request’ guaranteed hours.

19 May 2017

A test case brought by the Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain (IWGB) seeks to find out whether TUPE transfer rules can be applied to 'workers' as well as to 'employees'.

18 May 2017

By Alex Just, employment law specialist

A Conservative Prime Minister has been in Number 10 since the Coalition government formed in 2010. Although Theresa May has described her party as "the party of workers", its track record on employment law has largely revolved around weakening protections at work. Here, we look at some of the rights workers have lost over the last seven years.

Promoted Publication

mythology of business

By David Whyte

Published August 2015

The ‘myths’ that this publication takes into consideration are the kind of things that politicians now routinely say without thinking. Yet these 10 myths have very little foundation in reality and are rarely, if ever, accompanied with any concrete evidence to support them.