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Latest News

21 July 2017

An SNP MP will bring a workers' rights Bill after summer recess which he thinks could instigate a DUP rebellion.

21 July 2017

Wales has partially repealed the Trade Union Act 2016 as it pertains to workers in devolved public sector services.

17 July 2017

Many thanks to all those who attended our packed fringe meetings on the eve of the Durham Miners' Association Gala (Friday 07 July); and the Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival (Friday 14 July 2017).

Below are some images from our fringe events, both of which were organised jointly with the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom.

Promoted Publication

mythology of business

By David Whyte

Published August 2015

The ‘myths’ that this publication takes into consideration are the kind of things that politicians now routinely say without thinking. Yet these 10 myths have very little foundation in reality and are rarely, if ever, accompanied with any concrete evidence to support them.