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Latest News

18 January 2018

Almost half of workers in the childcare sector are paid so little they are forced to rely on state benefits, new research from the Education Policy Institute has shown.

18 January 2018

The 12,000 women workers who took to the streets of Glasgow in October to fight for equal pay have won their battle with the council.

17 January 2019

Over 600 care workers at Alternative Futures Group are considering strike action this week after the employer cut wages by up to £40 per night, the Guardian has reported.

Promoted Publication

Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law

edited by John Hendy QC, Professor Keith Ewing and Carolyn Jones

Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law

The IER’s 2016 Manifesto for Labour Law garnered support from major unions across the UK, the Green Party, the Scottish Nationalist Party, and most of all the Labour Party. Indeed the Labour Party’s popular and influential 2017 Manifesto For the Many, Not the Few adopted many of the IER’s recommendations as a blueprint for future reform.




Upcoming Conferences and Events

IER 30th anniversary celebration event

06/02/2019 18:00

Wednesday 06 February 2019

Free evening event
NEU Mander Hall, London


Sponsored by Thompsons Solicitors

Please join us to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Professor Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC (plus other special guests to be announced) will highlight some of our past work and our ideas for a world of work fit for workers in the 21st century.