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Latest News

27 May 2015

The provision contained in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, has finally come into force.

23 May 2015

A major study conducted by the OECD had found that the rise in in self-employment, temporary and part-time jobs over the past two decades has been a key factor in the rise of inequality. It finds that all the net jobs growth since 1995 in the UK has been accounted for by non-standard work.

Promoted Publication

Re-regulating Zero Hours Contracts

By Zoe Adams and Simon Deakin

Published July 2014

According to the authors of this timely report, the current debate over zero hours contracts is generating more heat than light. ZHCs are highly profitable for employers, but lead to insecurity of income and low pay for workers.

Upcoming Conferences and Events

Workplace Issues: taking up the issues with the new government

10/06/2015 09:30
10/06/2015 15:25

Wednesday 10 June 2015

A one-day conference

Diskus Room, Unite the Union, London

This event will be the first IER conference to take place after the general election, providing an excellent opportunity to assess the government’s programme of work. How will worker’s rights fair under a new regime? Which labour law topics will trade unionists need to be aware of in order to best protect their members at work?