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Latest News

24 April 2017

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to remove the Tories’ highly contentious Trade Union Act as one of his first acts of parliament if the populace votes Labour at the next General Election.

21 April 2017

The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) has warned in its latest report that the UK is “sleepwalking into a low-value, low-skills economy” because UK workers are not properly trained on the job.

20 April 2017

Uber has been granted the right to appeal last year's tribunal decision that drivers for the firm were "workers" not "self employed" and therefore eligible for workers' rights.

Promoted Publication

Labour Law Highlights 2016

edited by Rebecca Tuck

Labour Law Highlights 2016

This year’s Labour Law Highlights is produced against the backdrop of a Brexit vote in the UK and a Trump victory in the USA. It promises to be a bumpy ride ahead!