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Latest News

12 February 2019

Deliveroo couriers in Manchester will go on strike on Valentine's Day, their union the Industrial Workers of the World has announced.

12 February 2019

The government is appealing for young workers to join the care sector in a bid to plug an ever-expanding staff-shortage in the industry, but will not ensure they receive the National Minimum Wage for all hours worked.

31 January 2019

A Freedom of Information Request made by Unison has revealed that more than half of councils fail to insist that care workers are paid for their whole day of work, leading to thousands being paid below the minimum wage.

Promoted Publication

Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law

edited by John Hendy QC, Professor Keith Ewing and Carolyn Jones

Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law

The IER’s 2016 Manifesto for Labour Law garnered support from major unions across the UK, the Green Party, the Scottish Nationalist Party, and most of all the Labour Party. Indeed the Labour Party’s popular and influential 2017 Manifesto For the Many, Not the Few adopted many of the IER’s recommendations as a blueprint for future reform.




Upcoming Conferences and Events

Case law development: labour law review - Liverpool

21/03/2019 09:30

Thursday 21 March 2019

A one day conference
Unite the Union, Liverpool

At this interactive, hands-on conference, trade union representatives and others interested in defending workers’ rights will learn how recent changes in the law are being interpreted in the courts, as well as given the opportunity to apply what they learn to issues in their own workplace.