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22 March 2017

CEO’s of FTSE 100 companies are now earning 386 Times The National Living Wage, 67% are paid more than 100 times the average UK salary; and 90% are paid at least 100 times more than the National Living Wage.

21 March 2017

Matthew Taylor, chair of the government's review into employment law in the gig economy, will include evidence in his final report that companies are forcing workers to take on roles as "self employed" people in order to avoid providing them with workers' rights.

17 March 2017

Problems with staff recruitment and retention in the NHS have been put down to low morale among the workforce and poor pay and rewards by most NHS staff in a recent survey.

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Labour Law Highlights 2016

edited by Rebecca Tuck

Labour Law Highlights 2016

This year’s Labour Law Highlights is produced against the backdrop of a Brexit vote in the UK and a Trump victory in the USA. It promises to be a bumpy ride ahead!




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