Migrant Labour Projects

Project Work on Migrant Labour

The IER has worked on a number of projects on migrant labour rights. More information, briefings and details of publications produced can be found below.

Outline of IER project on Labour Migration and Workers' Rights

October 2005

This project examined public policy concerning labour migration from an employment rights perspective. The aim was to develop policy recommendations which recognise the legitimacy of labour migration. In addition it developed proposals to secure the effective application of labour rights and standards in a context of labour migration.

This section provides a detailed overview of this project.

Migrant Workers Conference

June 2005

A report from the conference organised by the IER on issues surrounding labour migration and employment rights.

Labour Migration and Employment Rights

Edited by Bernard Ryan

Published in October 2005

Migrant workers often enter the UK in the hope of finding a better life – the truth is often far from that. Migrant workers are denied social benefits and are offered very little protection in terms of employment rights while the destitution faced by unemployed migrants makes them more vulnerable to unscrupulous employers.

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