Lydia Hayes; LJB Hayes;

Collective Bargaining and Fair Work at the Heart of Wales’ Future,

15 July 2019

By Lydia Hayes, University of Cardiff

On Tuesday 16th (tomorrow) the Institute of Employment Rights and Wales TUC will hold a public meeting in Cardiff on trade union rights and fair work. The backdrop is a landmark announcement by Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford. Trade unions are at the core of a new plan for Welsh Government. It will embed social partnership and collective bargaining in law. The proposed Social Partnership Act will create new legal duties so that decision-making inside government departments is informed by agreements reached with trade unions and employers’ organisations. The Act will also create a new government directorate, the Office of Fair Work, with a cross-cutting remit to work across all areas of government. The aim is to put the interests of working people, and collective bargaining, at the heart of Wales’ future.

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