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Alex Just

Alex Just

Alex Just was a barrister at Old Square Chambers, where he specialised in employment and trade union law. Alex is a former President of the Oxford Union and was the Frances Perkins Fellow at the Cornell School of Industrial and Labour Relations, where he published research on the ability of trade unions to take strike action. Alex is an active Labour Party member in Ealing and is currently an Associate Partner at a specialist communications consultancy, specialising in campaigns and litigation and crisis communications.

Blacklisted workers need more than a public inquiry - they need a change in the law

27 March 2018

By Alex Just, employment and trade union law expert

Friday's admission by the Metropolitan Police that special branch officers colluded in the blacklisting of construction workers came as no surprise to the thousands of people whose livelihoods were destroyed by the blacklisting scandal. For years, we knew that police officers met with The Consulting Association (TCA) – a blacklist operation run by 44 major construction firms – and infiltrated union meetings and pickets. As one of the barristers who represented hundreds of blacklisting victims in their 2016 High Court case – at which 24 firms publicly admitted to having run an illegal blacklist – I have seen first-hand the devastation that years of joblessness wrought on innocent workers and their families. Unions are right to call for a public inquiry to bring those responsible to account. Secretary of the Blacklist Support Group, Dave Smith, and I joined that call in our recent report for the Institute of Employment Rights (IER): Blacklisting: the need for a public inquiry.

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