Lib Dem Manifesto 2017

Six days to the election; Six choices on workers' rights

Here at the Institute of Employment Rights, we have been busy comparing party manifestos for their workers' rights policies, and have now launched a new table that allows you to see the differences between the three major parties' deals for workers at a glance.

But if you're looking for something a little easier to digest, we've also broken the issues down into bitesize pieces below.

With six days to go until the General Election, we present six choices on workers' rights when you need to make when you decide who gets your vote.

The Stakes: Employment Rights

By Alex Just, employment law specialist, IER

01 June 2017

There has been a Conservative Prime Minister in Number 10 since the Coalition government formed in 2010. Although Theresa May has attempted to rebrand the Tories as “the party of workers”, its track record on employment law has largely revolved around weakening protections at work and attempting to neuter the trade union movement.

What will (and won't) the Lib Dems do for workers?

26 May 2017

Workers' rights are a key policy battleground this election and here at the Institute of Employment Rights' Fact News Hub, we're giving you the lowdown on different party's manifesto pledges on the topic.

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