Whyeda Gill-Mclure

Whyeda Gill-Mclure

Whyeda Gill-Mclure

Dr. Whyeda Gill-McLure worked as a trainee lawyer in the legal section of the European Commission after completing the Cambridge LLB. She is Senior Lecturer in Industrial Relations and HRM at the University of Wolverhampton Business School and has published on the impact of modernisation on public services.

She is currently writing a monograph for Routledge: ‘Employers under Austerity: A history of local government industrial relations 1991-Present’(forthcoming 2017 and guest-editing a special issue of Labor History to mark the centenary of the Whitley Reports 1917 (forthcoming 2017)

She is on the editorial board of Capital&Class and is co-founder of the West Midlands Conference of Socialist Economists

Against the Trade Union Reform Bill: Defending Public Services & Public Service Unions

19 January 2016

By Whyeda Gill-Mclure, Senior Lecturer, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, Management Research Centre, Wolverhampton Business School

This blog explores the reasons for the Bill’s attack on public sector unions, the impact of this attack and ways in which it could be resisted. The Bill’s second reading took place last week and the Lords has proposed a series of amendments.

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