Michelle singleton

Public sector exit payment caps will penalise low earners unless the govt listens today

22 February 2016

By Michelle Singleton, UNISON Policy Unit

The Enterprise Bill, now on its Second Reading in the House of Commons and under debate today, legislates to cap exit payments to public sector workers at £95,000. On first glance, it seems the new ruling will only affect the highest earners, but if you drill into the detail of the Bill, the government has not been careful enough to protect those on a low wage from being disproportionately penalised.

Family Friendly working in 2014 – How are we doing?

24 November 2014

By Michelle Singleton, Assistant Policy Officer at UNISON.

Since 1998 there have been great improvements that have transformed family friendly policy and childcare provision, there is far more support than ever before. New legislation on flexible working, parental leave and proposals on more support towards the costs of childcare are welcome but is it all good news and are there still areas yet to be tackled?

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