Economics of Employment Rights Publications

8 Good Reasons Why Adult Social Care Needs Sectoral Collective Bargaining

by Dr Lydia Hayes

8 Good Reasons Why Adult Social Care Needs Sectoral Collective Bargaining

In this booklet, Dr Lydia Hayes sets out the lessons learned from her interdisciplinary research into the social care sector, and builds upon the recommendations made in the Institute of Employment Rights' Manifesto for Labour Law: a comprehensive revision of worker’s rights to propose a sectoral collective bargaining structure for the negotiation of wages and conditions.




Reconstruction after the crisis: a manifesto for collective bargaining

By Professor Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC

Published in September 2013

This publication presents an evidence-based policy proposal for the state encouragement of collective bargaining, and particularly sectoral bargaining, as a tried-and-tested means of reducing income inequality and stimulating the sustainable recovery of a strong and resilient economy.

Federation News: Equality: Are We Catching Up?

by Various Authors

Published in August 2007

This edition of Federation News focuses on equality – and there is much to focus on! The last few years have seen major changes – changes both in legislation and in the institutional structure of the enforcement agencies.

Undermining Construction: The Corrosive Effects of False Self-Employment

by Dr Mark Harvey

Published in November 2001

According to the evidence in this report, between 300,000 and 400,000 building workers are falsely registered as self-employed due to the complicated and inadequate system of tax and employment regulation currently operating in the industry.

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