Neil Duncan-Jordan

Neil Duncan-Jordan

Neil Duncan-Jordan

Neil Duncan-Jordan is the National Officer for Britain's biggest pensioner organisation, the National Pensioners Convention (NPC). He originally trained as a journalist and worked briefly for regional television, before being recruited by Jack Jones into the NPC. He lives in Dorset with his wife, two children and numerous pets!

Pensions – it’s the Lamborghini question

24 April 2014

By Neil Duncan-Jordan, National Officer of the National Pensioners Convention

Who would have thought it? Pensions are making the headlines. The Chancellor’s announcement in the recent Budget more or less called time on the flawed annuity market with the idea that future retirees will be able to cash in their pension pots and spend, spend, spend.

Whose idea was the Single-Tier State Pension anyway?

24 January 2014

Neil Duncan-Jordan, National Officer, National Pensioners Convention

Neil Duncan-Jordan explains how under Coalition policies, both occupational pensions and state pensions will fall in value and take longer to accrue for future UK workers.

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