Simon Deakin

Simon Deakin

Simon Deakin

Simon Deakin is Professor of Law at the University of Cambridge and a a programme director at the Centre for Business Research. He specialises in labour law, private law, company law, EU law, law and economics, law and development and empirical legal studies

Work is intermittent but capital is not: what to do about zero hours contracts

1 May 2014

By Zoe Adams and Simon Deakin, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge

The casualisation of working life is a huge problem in Britain today and Zero Hours Contracts (ZHCs) are just its most extreme form. It is caused by a dysfunctional employment law and the disappearance of the safety net formerly provided by social security law.

Shares for Rights - why entrepreneurial firms need employment law too

02 May 2013

By Professor Simon Deakin

Under the government's current proposals for employment law reform, employees will be able to give up rights concerning unfair dismissal, redundancy pay, flexible working and time off for training in return for receiving shares in the company that employs them, gains on which will be exempt from capital gains tax.

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