implementing employee owner status

Employee Ownership – Or, Don't Trust the Government.

08 November 2012

By John Medhurst

Beware of the media-friendly words the Government uses to hide its true aims. "Employee-owned" businesses may soon find their way into the public sector, allowing the Coalition to beginning selling off parts of the state.

The Coalition: Burning good regulations and creating red tape

26 October 2012

By Ruth Dukes

The Coalition has boasted of its progress through its ill-conceived and misleadingly named "red tape bonfire", but as it burns good regulation, it is creating exactly the kind of legislation that really does burden businesses. Ruth Dukes explains:

Employee owner status – Business democracy or Beecroft by the back door?

24 October 2012

By Roger Jeary

The government is pretending to offer employee enfranchisement through their shares for employment rights proposals, but all they are doing is making it easier for employers to fire their workforce at the drop of a hat.

Turning employees into 'owners'? The falsest promise yet

12 October 2012

By Nicola Countouris, Mark Freedland and Jeremias Prassl

Three employment law experts look into the "deeply worrying" shares-for-rights trade off proposed by George Osborne this week

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