Keith Ewing

IER Blacklist Charter

By Keith Ewing

Following the revelations thrown up by the Scottish Affairs Committee blacklisting inquiry, Professor Keith Ewing, President of the IER, has drawn up a Blacklisting Charter, below. You can also download the file here

Please share widely to spread awareness of blacklisting and build support for the effective protection of trade unionists in the UK

Collective redundancy consultation cut a miserable Christmas present to the UK workforce

19 December 2012

By Keith Ewing

President of the IER Keith Ewing writes about the miserable circumstances that could befall many of the UK's workforce this New Year.

CLASS: working for the labour movement

03 October 2012

By Rachel Yates & Carolyn Jones

As the Labour Party determines its policy going into the next general election and conference delegates ponder the meaning of "predistribution" and the likelihood of “responsible capitalism”, there is an overwhelming sense that another world is possible.

Days of Action

As the TUC opens its discussion for 2012, this IER Briefing from Keith Ewing and John Hendy argues that increased protest action against government austerity measures are defendable in Court with reference to the European Convention on Human Rights.

Beecroft report "hastily drafted, ill-thought out and weakly reasoned"

24 May 2012

Professor Keith Ewing, President of the IER

Even the limited rights of British workers are too much for the Tories and very rich Tory donors such as Adrian Beecroft, the pay-day loan merchant who now advises Cameron on how to sack workers.

Has Monti resolved Viking and Laval?

16 March 2012

Keith Ewing says there "is nothing of merit" in the first draft Monti 11 Regulation

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