Sarah Veale

Sarah Veale

Sarah Veale was Head of the Equality and Employment Rights Department at the Trades Union Congress (TUC), where she worked since 1985. She was a member of the TUC team which negotiated the agreement with the CBI and the Government that formed the basis of the Temporary Agency Work Directive; she was also responsible for the development of TUC policy on employment law. Sarah was awarded the CBE for services to diversity in 2006. Since retiring from the TUC she has worked on the ‘Workplace 2020’ initiative, as well as continuing to be active across the movement.

What are the barriers to improving union recognition in the workplace?

By Sarah Veale, Institute of Employment Rights

12 June 2018

Legislation giving workers the right to have their union recognised by their employer exists but is weak and little used.

TUC 2015 IER report

25 September 2015

The Institute attended this year’s Trade Union Congress on the 13th-16th of September. This is a short report of our highlights of the conference, which we believe will have a significant bearing on the tact of the movement in the year ahead.

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