Sarah Glenister

How the UK can escape becoming the "nasty country" of the EU

29 November 2013

By Sarah Glenister

László Andor, the EU employment commissioner, has warned the UK that new restrictions against migrants could see it portrayed as the "nasty country" of the EU. The Institute of Employment Rights (IER) recently conducted extensive research into labour migration and how the problems surrounding immigration can be resolved in a way that benefits all. But while the IER strongly recommends a "rights-based" model, the government continues to court controversy with plans for restrictions that aim to resolve an issue that does not exist.

Seven benefits Eastern European Migrant workers have brought to the UK

14 November 2013

Sarah Glenister, IER staff

While the right wing say immigration is a burden on our country, the IER believes migrant workers add to our economy and labour market could add more if they were better protected against exploitation.

Collective Bargaining - The Only Way To A Fairer Britain For All

13 November 2013

By Sarah Glenister, IER Staff

The IER's manifesto to restore workers' right to fight collectively points to a decent future for our country.

The human rights we stand to lose from a Tory government

03 October 2013

By Sarah Glenister, IER staff

David Cameron told the BBC's Andrew Marr this weekend that he would withdraw the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) if he thought such an action was necessary to "keep our country safe".

U-turns expected on Lobbying Bill after public outcry, but will it still go through largely untouched?

06 September 2013

By Sarah Glenister

Next week, the Committee stage for the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill begins – coinciding with TUC Congress. And it seems public outcry may have forced the Tories to back down on some points.

No real economic change will be felt until income inequality is reduced

05 September 2013

By Sarah Glenister, IER staff

Over three years into the Coalition's leadership, the government is now applauding itself for a mediocre rise in economic growth, which remains at a sluggish 0.7%. But the only real indicator of recovery is a long-term improvement in living standards. So how sustainable is the UK's wealth, and how many people feel its effects?

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