Roger Jeary

The Changing Face of Collective Labour Law – A celebration of the scholarship of Bob Simpson

16 October 2013

By Roger Jeary

On Friday 11th October, a glittering array of lawyers and academics representing the best of UK employment law society gathered to celebrate the work of Bob Simpson in a symposium which addressed the changing face of collective labour law.

What the experts say: An Employment Law Update

10 October 2013

By Roger Jeary

Roger Jeary, a delegate at the Institute of Employment Rights' Employment Law Update conference, describes the views and lessons of the UK's leading lawyers and trade union officials speaking at the event.

What is Ed Miliband thinking?

10 July 2013

By Roger Jeary

Severing ties with the trade union movement will not benefit the Labour Party, and will only make Ed Miliband look more right wing.

Why should MPs get a better pay deal than other civil servants?

03 July 2013

By Roger Jeary

MPs might well say a rise in their pay is unacceptable, but they do so in case their salaries cost them votes, not because of the evident injustice of raising their salaries at a time of massive public sector spending cuts…

Two most powerful women trade unionists share their thoughts on world and domestic issues affecting workers, their rights and their movement

15 May 2013

By Roger Jeary

Last night in a packed room in Unite’s Headquarters, the Institute along with the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers hosted a conversation between two of the most powerful women in the trade union movement, Sharan Burrows, General Secretary of the ITUC, and Frances O’Grady, recently elected General Secretary of the British TUC.

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