It's time for a public inquiry into blacklisting

02 November 2012

By Sarah Glenister

New developments show the Information Commissioner's Office seized only a tiny minority of evidence when blacklist holder Consulting Association was investigated in 2009.

Cut price employment law book sale: Ruined Lives - Blacklisting in the Construction Industry

08 August 2012

Professor Keith Ewing's Ruined Lives: Blacklisting in the Construction Industry from just £5!

Ruined Lives: Why trade unionism a dangerous game

08 August 2012

By Sarah Glenister

Consecutive governments have failed to outlaw blacklisting - a practice used solely to discriminate against workers

Trade union representatives and facility time in the Civil Service

01 August 2012

By Roger Jeary

In the last few days the Guardian and the Observer has published three reports that have a clear link to trade union organisation and the need for trade union representation.

Blacklisting not just a UK problem

Blacklisted building workers have won a major breakthrough in Europe following a groundbreaking meeting on 30th June 2011. A delegation of blacklisted trade unionists and safety representatives from the Blacklist Support Group held private talks in Brussels with László Andor, EU Commissioner to discuss potential EU wide legislation to outlaw blacklisting.

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