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#MeTooPay campaign calls for gender equal wage policies

Female business leaders have come together to spark the #MeTooPay campaign, which borrows its name from the #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment and repurposes it to focus on another area in which women are particularly vulnerable – pay.

Govt pledge of higher pay hangs the least advantaged out to dry

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, this week told the Conservative Party Conference that he would extend the right to the higher band of the National Minimum Wage to younger workers.

IER Chair receives peership

Congratulations to our Chair John Hendy QC on his receipt of a peership from Jeremy Corbyn during TUC 2019 last week.

Jeremy Corbyn thanks IER in speech adopting Manifesto proposals at TUC

Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, thanked the Institute of Employment Rights for its advice on the contents of a new deal for workers announced at TUC 2019.

Laura Pidcock MP lays out Labour’s plans to implement the IER’s recommendations

Shadow Minister for Employment Rights, Laura Pidcock, detailed the Labour Party's plans for new workers' rights, based upon the recommendations of the Institute of Employment Rights, at TUC 2019 on Tuesday (10 September 2019).

Lords recognise value of trade unions on ILO centenary

Labour's Lord Jordan called a debate on the importance of trade unions, to mark the International Labour Organization's 100th birthday.

May proposes stronger father’s rights

Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May has launched a consultation into the extension of rights for new fathers.

Public sector pay rise branded vain and “insulting” to workers

19 July 2019News that the government will allocate another £2bn to public sector pay rises next week has been branded vain and insulting.

Govt consults on regulating insecure work

The government has launched a consultation into proposals made by the Low Pay Commission to reduce the 'one-sidedness' of so-called 'flexibility.

Shadow Minister and working mum, Laura Pidcock, inspires workers at Durham Gala

Shadow Minister for Labour, Laura Pidcock, gave an inspiring speech at the Institute of Employment Rights' (IER) fringe meeting on the eve of the Durham Gala – all while holding her baby.

Labour Minister confirms plans to ban zero-hour contracts, reinstate sectoral collective bargaining and raise pay

Shadow Minister for Labour, Laura Pidcock, has confirmed the Labour Party's plans to ban zero-hour contracts, reinstate sectoral collective bargaining and raise pay across the UK.

Govt proposes sick pay for lowest earners

The government yesterday (15 July 2019) launched a consultation into new proposals the Departments of Work and Pensions and Health claim will help people with long-term illnesses stay in work.
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