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Govt to reduce migrant salary threshold to £25,600

The government plans to reduce the salary threshold for migrants taking up jobs in the UK to £25,600 from £30,000, the BBC has reported.

Over 2,000 lollipop men and women cut since 2010

More than 2,000 lollipop men and women have lost their jobs since 2010, when a Conservative-led government first came into power.

Economic inequality driving “populist” politics, UN says

The United Nations (UN) has blamed decades of economic inequality for a rise in so-called “populist” politics, the title often given to the strategies employed by Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

Millions of working people trapped in poverty, new report reveals

Millions of working people are trapped in poverty despite record-high levels of employment because employers are not offering the wage levels and hours required to cover the cost of living.

Outsourced workers win fight to rejoin NHS

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has agreed to bring 1,000 outsourced workers back into State employment after three decades of employment by private contractors.

Johnson hints that UK will drop EU social and environmental protections

After the UK left the EU on Friday (31 January 2020), the government is setting out its aims for trade talks, with Boris Johnson hinting that it may drop social protections like workers’ rights as well as environmental regulations.

Majority of senior nursing positions held by tiny minority of male nurses, study shows

Striking new evidence of the gender pay gap at work has been revealed by a new study into the pay of nurses in the UK.

Unison warns of social care crisis if migration rules stem overseas recruitment

Last week, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) criticised as unworkable Boris Johnson’s plans for an Australian-style points system and put forward policies of its own, but public service union Unison has warned that both proposals risk a social care crisis.

Hull becomes third UK city to request UBI trial

Hull has become the third city to express an interest in being the site of a universal basic income (UBI) trial, with its Council writing to Chancellor Savid Javid requesting his permission to pilot the idea.

Most people now believe capitalism does more harm than good, poll finds

Most respondents to a major survey say they believe capitalism does more harm than good, with a majority worried about job loss and financial insecurity.

IMF warns against increasingly unfettered capitalism; urges govts to tackle income inequality

In a series of recent statements, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned governments to rein in the excesses of capitalism and take measures to tackle income inequality.

Most people think the govt should do more for the most economically disadvantaged, poll finds

The latest Social Mobility Commission’s poll of the UK population has found that most people think the government is not doing enough to help the most economically disadvantaged members of society to improve their lot.
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