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PCS “proud to stand behind” IER Manifesto

13 October 2016 Announcing his union's official support for the Institute of Employment Rights' (IER) Manifesto for Labour Law, General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) Mark Serwotka has said he is "proud to stand behind" a "progressive alternative" to austerity.

Manifesto for Labour Law ‘inspirational to European trade unionists’

28 September 2016The IER's Manifesto for Labour Law was partly borne out of international comparison with Europe's strongest economies, where collective bargaining has served to create more equal and more resilient economies than in the UK.

TSSA “extremely proud” to back IER’s Manifesto for Labour Law

27 September 2016General Secretary of the TSSA Manuel Cortes has announced the union's official support for the IER's Manifesto for Labour Law- 25 policy recommendations that have become the blueprint for Labour Party policy on employment law.

John McDonnell: We’re looking into practicalities of implementing IER Manifesto

26 September 2016 Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was a surprise guest speaker at our lunchtime fringe event at the Labour Party Conference today, and he took to the platform to tell the packed room that Labour has moved on from supporting the Manifesto to considering the details of its implementation.

Tony Burke calls on Labour Party Conference to support IER Manifesto

26 September 2016 Assistant General Secretary of UNITE Tony Burke called on Labour Party members to support the Institute of Employment Rights' Manifesto for Labour Law at the Labour Party Conference this morning.

TUC Congress, UNITE pass motions to back Manifesto for Labour Law

23 September 2016TUC Congress and UNITE have passed official motions backing the Institute of Employment Rights' Manifesto for Labour Law.

REVIEW: Starting from Scratch: A Manifesto for UK Labour Law

20 September 2016 By the International Centre for Trade Union Rights The International Centre for Trade Union Rights (ICTUR) has reviewed the Institute of Employment Rights' Manifesto for Labour Law in its journal.

Corbyn team reiterates support for IER Manifesto

13 September 2016 At a TUC Congress fringe event held by the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) on Sunday, two leading members of Jeremy Corbyn's team reiterated their support for the Manifesto for Labour Law – 25 policy proposals for reshaping workers' rights under the next Labour government.

REVIEW: The ‘Manifesto for Labour Law’: an idea whose time is coming

13 September 2016 By Trade Union Futures It must have seemed a lonely furrow at times. For years now, the Institute of Employment Rights has been the go-to source of expertise and thought on workers rights for the left in the trade union movement. But successive New Labour governments showed themselves to be profoundly uninterested in tackling the iniquities of Britain’s labour market, preferring to wish them away with utopian fantasies about the knowledge economy. The Coalition and its Tory successor of course have launched a further frontal attack on the few rights and protections left to organised labour. But such has been the electrifying power of the left revival around Jeremy Corbyn that suddenly, the issue of workers rights is back on the agenda. Even Corbyn’s ‘moderate’ opponent Owen Smith declares himself in favour of collective bargaining now and suddenly the IER finds itself in possession of the appropriate ideas for the moment.

IER Manifesto “an alternative narrative and a blueprint for the future”, says NUJ Chief

07 September 2016 General Secretary of the National Union for Journalists (NUJ) Michelle Stanistreet has welcomed new policy proposals from the Institute of Employment Rights (IER).

REVIEW: Manifesto sets out stall on new workers’ rights

30 August 2016 By the Labour Research Department Britain’s largest unions are backing comprehensive policy proposals for a framework of collective bargaining, underpinned by strong trade union rights, drawn up by 15 of the UK’s leading labour lawyers. 

IER’s Manifesto policies appeal to all.

27 July 2016 IER welcome the adoption of our policy proposals as developed at the request of Jeremy Corbyn's team in their determination to restructure workers' rights
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