Zero-hours contracts: Some policy proposals

Submitted by sglenister on Fri, 16/08/2013 - 11:42

16 August 2013

Professor Keith Ewing, President of the IER and Professor of Public Law at Kings' College London, provides some innovative policy ideas to reduce the damage caused by zero-hours contracts.

The expert recommends replacing zero-hours contracts with defined-hours contracts that set a minimum number of working hours per week or per month. A percentage of on-call time will also be defined, during which the employee should be paid a retainer of no less than the National Minimum Wage. He also allows rooms for businesses and workers who require even more flexibility by stating that non-defined hours contracts should continue to be permitted, but only where the company in question recognises a trade union, representatives from which then have responsibility to negotiate fair terms for employees.

Read the full briefing here

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