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Submitted by sglenister on Thu, 30/06/2016 - 13:21

The Institute of Employment Rights’ Manifesto for Labour Law has gained widespread support from the Labour Party, and several major trade unions.

Our proposals, which have been offered as the basis of discussion for Labour’s employment law plan for post-EU UK, include:

  • Reinstating a Ministry of Labour, the main role of which will be to promote and oversee sectoral collective bargaining
  • Reintroducing sectoral collective bargaining across the economy
  • Repealing the draconian measures of the Trade Union Act
  • Reviewing the over-regulation and bureaucracy imposed on the labour movement and individual workers to remove barriers to justice and negotiation

These measures will bring us closer to the economic model of the strongest and most efficient economies in Europe, where collective bargaining coverage reaches 80% compared with under 20% in the UK.

They will also promote a more equal society, a healthier society, and a more resilient national economy. At a time when the UK has the worst levels of wage inequality in Europe, and is suffering the widest productivity gap since records began in comparison to the rest of the G7, our population is in urgent need of change.

Please give what you can

The Institute of Employment Rights is a charity that runs largely on donations. To continue promoting our manifesto and informing the labour movement and the Labour Party, we need to raise funds.

You can support our fight against the Trade Union Act, and for the promotion of progressive labour law, by donating whatever you can afford using the form below or by phoning 0151 207 5265 to pay a sum of your choosing by direct debit.

Please consider what you may be able to contribute in this one-off donation to the cause and fill in the form below:

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