Union Organising Publications

Union Organising and the Health of the Union Movement in Britain

By Gregor Gall

Published in April 2010

This timely publication by Gregor Gall assesses the impact the “union organising” agenda has had on the health of trade unions in Britain over the last 10 years. An expert in industrial relations and a keen observer of trade union trends, Gall outlines the history, form, extent and effectiveness of what he refers to as a “step change” in trade unionism in Britain. Drawing upon research undertaken by the author and others over the past 20 years, he examines the “union organising” model – tracking where, when and how the concept developed and comparing the UK model with those developed in America, Australia and New Zealand.

Federation News: Young Workers

Edited by Doug Nicholls

Published in April 2009

This edition of Federation News addresses Young Workers and includes features from young trade unionists.




The Unorganised Vulnerable Worker: The Case for Union Organising

By Anna Pollert

Published in November 2007


This new publication by Anna Pollert links the decline in the number of workers covered by a union agreement with an increase in the vulnerability of workers. The author argues that ‘individualising’ work problems and ‘externalising’ possible solutions fail to address the problems of isolated, vulnerable workers.

Federation News: Organising for the future: UK unions in the 21st Century

Is Britain’s trade union movement dying? That is the question raised in the first article of this edition of Federation News. In the final article the conclusion is no. Trade unions will survive as long as workers’ are exploited.

That is not to deny that the world is changing. Capitalism is on the offensive. Neither domestic nor international labour law have kept pace with the growing economic power of transnationals. So how are unions responding?

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