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International Trade Union Rights for the New Millennium

By Keith Ewing and Tom Sibley

Published in December 2000

International Trade Union Rights for the New MilleniumFollowing four years of research and consultation, this report highlights the need for those international labour standards concerning freedom of association to be consolidated, simplified and strengthened.

Fairness at Work and Trade Union Recognition: Past Comparisons and Future Problems

By Lord McCarthy

Published in March 1999

As the Employment Relations Bill passes through its Parliamentary stages, this timely publication from Lord McCarthy looks at the role of the reformulated Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) and offers a number of informed suggestions on how the proposed new rights of recognition might be strengthened.

Identifying six closely related problems, Lord McCarthy offers ways in which past problems can be avoided by providing the CAC with suitable powers, resources and operational guidelines.

A5; 80pp; ISBN 1 873271 67 0;



In Defence of Trade Unionism

By Jim Mortimer

Published in April 1998

The text of a lecture given by Jim Mortimer (with an introduction by John Hendy QC) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Institute.





Every Worker Shall Have The Right To Be Represented At Work By A Trade Union

By John Hendy QC

Published in April 1998

This book makes the case that in international law the right to be represented at work by a trade union is a fundamental human right. The booklet shows how UK law has failed to protect that right and suggests ways of correcting the situation.



European Works Councils – Extending the Trade Union Role

By Brian Bercusson

Published in February 1997

Brian Bercusson, Professor of European Law at Manchester University, looks at the European Works Councils Directive and suggests a number of trade union strategies to maximise the democratic possibilities of these new bodies.

Worker Participation and Collective Bargaining in Britain: The Influence of European Law

By Joe O’Hara

Published in November 1996

Written by a trade union legal officer, this detailed study looks at developments in European Union employment law and their impact on British industrial relations.

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