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The Right to Strike: From the Trade Disputes Act 1906 to a Trade Union Freedom Bill 2006

By Prof Keith Ewing

Published in January 2007

This book tells the story of the Trade Disputes Act 1906, in celebration of its centenary. That Act was one of the most important pieces of labour legislation ever passed by a British Parliament. It provided very simple legal protection for the right to strike for sixty-five years, and left a legacy which is found on the statute book to this day.

The substance of today’s law however, is far removed and much weaker than the position established in 1906. For that reason, the Trade Union Freedom Bill is designed to soften some of the harder edges of the Thatcher bequest.

Fighting Back: resisting 'union-busting' and 'strike-breaking' in the BA dispute

By Prof Keith Ewing

Published in September 2011

The story of this publication relates to a dispute that had huge implications for UNITE and BASSA members whose lives were turned upside down by the demands of the employer.

But the nature of the dispute and the conduct of BA also have massive implications for british trade unionism generally.

Workers in Cuba: Unions and Labour Relations - A 2011 Update

By Debra Evenson and Steve Ludlam

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Published in February 2011

This is the ninth in a series of Comparative Notes published by the Institute.

This edition updates the 2003 Comparative Notes 7 by adding an introduction and annex by Steve Ludlam to the original text by Debra Evenson. We have also added a forward from Unite General Secretary, Len McCluskey.

The New Spectre Haunting Europe – The ECJ, Trade Union Rights and the British Government

Edited by Prof Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC

Published in April 2009

In December 2007 the European Court of Justice – the “Supreme Court” of the European Union -delivered a crushing blow to trade unions when in the Viking and Laval decisions it decided that the right of businesses to freedom of establishment must take priority over the right of trade unions to take industrial action to safeguard the interests of their members.

20th Anniversary Report

20th anniversary

Published in February 2009

The Institute celebrated its 20th anniversary on 27th February of 2009 with a reception at Congress House, kindly hosted by the TUC and sponsored by UNITE, POA and Thompsons Solicitors.

To help us celebrate our achievements, we produced a 20th Anniversary Report highlighting the origins and work of the Institute. We hope to use that report throughout the year to promote our work to an ever increasing audience.

Federation News: Europe at a Crossroads

Executive Editors Mark Bell and Carolyn Jones

Published in August 2008

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