Public Interest Whistleblowing: Twelve Years of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

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by Catherine Hobby

Published in August 2010

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About the publication

The ongoing problems faced by whistleblowers in the workplace are examined in this booklet. The author, Catherine Hobby analyses the impact of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 12 years after it was introduced.

Catherine Hobby states in the publication: “At present 70% of claims under the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) are settled or withdrawn. Because there is a closed register in respect of applications to employment tribunals, the public interest concern in many cases is lost.”



Hobby argues for:

  • a public information campaign promoting the Act- 12 years since its introduction there is little recognition of what it means;
  • the public interest in disclosure needs recognition. Trade unions have a strong role in nurturing understanding of the law in the workplace.

“One in four employees is aware of misconduct in the workplace, but more than half of them (52%) keep silent. Illegality and dangerous practice will continue unchecked if a workplace suppresses dissent. Whistleblowing is clearly an activity in the public interest and for the collective good. An urgent review of the area and the provisions of PIDA in particular should be undertaken in recognition of this.”

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