Providing a service? the new TUPE Regulations 2006

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by Stephen Cavalier and Richard Arthur

Published in February 2007

It is 25 years since the TUPE Regulations became law in the UK. The original 1981 Regulations implemented the European Acquired Rights Directive, 1977. The idea behind TUPE was to protect the rights of employees if their employer decided to transfer their business to someone else.

As the authors of this new IER publication state: “Few pieces of legislation have provoked as much controversy, confusion or litigation as the Acquired Rights Directive and TUPE Regulations”. To clarify this complex area of law, the EU issued a revised Directive in 2001 and the long-awaited revised Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations came into force in the UK on 6 April 2006.

So will the new Regulations clarify and simplify the law? Will workers out-sourced, in-sourced or otherwise privatised feel better protected by the new Regulations? Will the advantages flowing from the extended coverage of TUPE be outweighed by the increased opportunities for employers to vary terms and conditions following a transfer?

This timely and informative publication from two leading trade union lawyers sets out the strengths and weaknesses of the new Regulations in a language and style that’s accessible and easy to read.

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