The mythology of business

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By David Whyte

Published August 2015

The ‘myths’ that this publication takes into consideration are the kind of things that politicians now routinely say without thinking. Yet these 10 myths have very little foundation in reality and are rarely, if ever, accompanied with any concrete evidence to support them.

About the book

The 10 myths in question are what we might call ‘zombie concepts’ since they do not refer to any known social reality but nonetheless live to haunt us. Zombie concepts are the ideas that stalk through politics like the living dead. They have no real explanatory power or evidential basis – but they follow us like zombies with the purpose of terrorising us and preventing us from doing anything to challenge or stand in the way of corporate greed.

These ideas stalk us through our communities and in our workplaces. All of the zombie concepts analysed here are mobilised to prevent workers from realising their collective rights, and to disempower communities that demand sustainable ways of living.

The aim of this pamphlet is to show how these zombie myths sustain a lifeless and inhuman politics.


You can read David Whyte’s blog on the book Don’t believe the (business) hype here


John Christensen from the Tax Justice Network reviews the publication here

What they say

You can read comments from various labour movement leaders relating to each of the myths exposed in the booklet, here

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