Regulatory Surrender: Death, Injury and the Non-Enforcement of Law

By Prof Steve Tombs and Dr David Whyte

Published in July 2010

This exciting new publication from Prof Steve Tombs of Liverpool University and Dr David Whyte at Liverpool John Moores University focusses on the issues of enforcement.



Federation News: The Politics of Pensions

Edited by Carolyn Jones

Published in May 2010

As the ConDem Coalition announces its priority programme of cuts, the Institute of Employment Rights and the General Federation of Trade Unions have together published a series of essays exploring the Politics of Pensions.

In an introductory Editorial, Carolyn Jones, Director of the Institute says: “The ConDem coalition is not the progressive outcome trade unionists would have liked. But the Coalition does not have a mandate for the programme of swingeing cuts in public services, pay and pensions proposed by the Conservatives in their pre-election statements”.

Union Organising and the Health of the Union Movement in Britain

By Gregor Gall

Published in April 2010

This timely publication by Gregor Gall assesses the impact the “union organising” agenda has had on the health of trade unions in Britain over the last 10 years. An expert in industrial relations and a keen observer of trade union trends, Gall outlines the history, form, extent and effectiveness of what he refers to as a “step change” in trade unionism in Britain. Drawing upon research undertaken by the author and others over the past 20 years, he examines the “union organising” model – tracking where, when and how the concept developed and comparing the UK model with those developed in America, Australia and New Zealand.

The Employment Act 2008

by Georgina Hirsch, John Usher and Shubha Banerjee

Published in October 2009

This booklet offers an informed guide to the contents of the latest employment rights legislation together with a critical analysis of the issues the legislation fails to address.

The authors – three trade union legal practitioners – bring their knowledge, understanding and support for fair rights and free unions to the pages of this very timely and informative publication.



The Employment Act 2008 covers three main aspects of employment rights and trade union freedoms – reflected in the three sections of this booklet:

Labour Law Review 2009

by Rebecca Tuck and Betsan Criddle

Published in September 2009

See below for an introduction to the text





Federation News: Enforcement Issues

Edited by Steve Gibbons

Published in August 2009

This edition brings together an excellent range of issues highlighting the problems associated with the enforcement of rights at work.

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