The Conservative Government’s proposed strike ballot thresholds: The challenge to trade unions

by Professor Ralph Darlington and Dr John Dobson

Published August 2015

According to the authors of this timely report, the government is attempting to rush into law ‘the most sweeping and radical tightening of rules on industrial action since the Thatcher era of the 1980’s’. They warn that such proposals could result in ‘the biggest showdown over industrial relations for a generation’ and go on to drill down into one aspect of the government’s proposals – strike ballots.

The mythology of business

By David Whyte

Published August 2015

The ‘myths’ that this publication takes into consideration are the kind of things that politicians now routinely say without thinking. Yet these 10 myths have very little foundation in reality and are rarely, if ever, accompanied with any concrete evidence to support them.

Labour Law Highlights 2014

By Rebecca Tuck, Stuart Brittenden,
Betsan Criddle & Claire Bowsher-Murray

Labour Law Highlights 2014
The production of this publication each year requires reflection on the changes we have undergone in the last 12 months. The biggest change felt this year was the 2013 introduction of fees in employment tribunals. The most oft quoted figure has been the reduction of claims by 79%. There are real issues with access to justice but with a general election to take place in the coming year, no political party has committed to repealing the fees.

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