Yes to a Referendum? A Labour View

By Bill Wedderburn

Published in March 2008

As the debate on the European Reform Treaty enters the House of Lords, Bill Wedderburn, QC, an ex-President of the Institute of Employment Rights, offers his informed opinion on the Reform Treaty, the draft Constitution and the need for a referendum.

This timely booklet will be of interest to all those wanting to take part in the growing debate about the British people’s right to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Religious Discrimination at Work

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By Lucy Vickers

Published in February 2008

This booklet, written by Lucy Vickers, an acknowledged expert in the field, critically evaluates the scope of the Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations 2003 and looks at how the Regulations interact with the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Unorganised Vulnerable Worker: The Case for Union Organising

By Anna Pollert

Published in November 2007


This new publication by Anna Pollert links the decline in the number of workers covered by a union agreement with an increase in the vulnerability of workers. The author argues that ‘individualising’ work problems and ‘externalising’ possible solutions fail to address the problems of isolated, vulnerable workers.

Federation News: Equality: Are We Catching Up?

by Various Authors

Published in August 2007

This edition of Federation News focuses on equality – and there is much to focus on! The last few years have seen major changes – changes both in legislation and in the institutional structure of the enforcement agencies.

Labour Law Review 2007

by Jennifer Eady QC, Betsan Criddle and Rebecca Tuck

Published in September 2007

As the authors of this year’s Labour Law Review note - the labour law year 2006-07 saw a number of notable case, particularly in the field of equal pay, guidance on the burden of proof in discrimination claims and the first trickle of cases from new heads of discrimination including age and religion and belief.

Federation News: The Right to Strike: A Summary

Executive Editors Keith Ewing and Carolyn Jones

Published in May 2007

The last edition of Federation News contained a series of articles from trade union General Secretaries outlining why they believe the time is right for a Trade Union Rights and Freedoms Bill. This edition takes up the same theme with a selection of essays from legal and academic experts highlighting the historical, legal and political arguments for a Bill.

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