Labour Law Highlights 2015

By Rebecca Tuck, Stuart Brittenden, Betsan Criddle & Claire Bowsher-Murray Labour Law Highlights 2015 This year’s Labour Law Highlights is the first to be produced since the election of a majority Conservative Government and provides a timely summary of the government’s priority labour law policy areas. No surprise then that it starts with an overview and critical analysis of the Trade Union Bill, including its restrictions on the right to strike and proposals to remove long established check-off and facility time arrangements.

Re-regulating Zero Hours Contracts

By Zoe Adams and Simon Deakin

Published July 2014

According to the authors of this timely report, the current debate over zero hours contracts is generating more heat than light. ZHCs are highly profitable for employers, but lead to insecurity of income and low pay for workers.

Labour Law Highlights 2013

By Rebecca Tuck, Betsan Criddle & Stuart Brittenden

Published in September 2013

An update on employment law and highlights of cases this year that reflect the change in the labour law landscape under the Coalition government.

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Days of Action: The legality of protest strikes against government cuts

K D Ewing and John Hendy QC

Published in October 2011

This latest publication from the Institute considers whether a day of action called by the TUC and trade unions, taking place on a weekday and intended to protest at the government's cuts and austerity measures, could be lawful in the UK in the light of recent jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights




Equality Act 2010

By Aileen McColgan

Published in October 2011

One of the aims of the Equality Act 2010 was to streamline the mass of discrimination legislation built up over recent decades. And, as Aileen McColgan, the author of the report notes, the consolidating and rationalising functions of the Act are to be welcomed. However, she goes on to comment that some "oddities" remain and, more fundamentally, that the Act was a disappointment to those who hoped for a radical shift away from the individually focused provisions it replaced.



On Track with Diversity: 2019 edition

By Nadia Motraghi & Ijeoma Omambala

Published June 2019

In this report the authors, Nadia Motraghi and Ijeoma Omambala, two lawyers specialising in equality and diversity laws and practices from Old Square Chambers, review and analyse the current rail workforce to discover how representative it is of the population it serves, and make recommendations for improvement.

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