Labour Law Highlights 2016

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Labour Law Highlights 2016

This year’s Labour Law Highlights is produced against the backdrop of a Brexit vote in the UK and a Trump victory in the USA. It promises to be a bumpy ride ahead!




About the book

On Brexit, uncertainty remains about whether, when and how Article 50 will be triggered and the impact any final settlement will have – particularly on employment rights. In the UK, the Trade Union act continues to hover threateningly. It is expected to come into force in 2017 but to date little information has been released about the detailed regulations due to accompany the Act. In such circumstances, the authors simply update readers on the main aspects and likely implications of the Act’s provisions.

As ever, the authors – a growing group of Barristers from Old Square Chambers – review the judicial decisions of the past year on cases relating to holiday pay, working time, whistleblowing, TUPE, equality issues and human rights. They finish by updating readers on recent and proposed changes to tribunal procedures and comment on the practical use of the ACAS Early Conciliation scheme.

Readers of this annual review may also want to visit the IER’s new timeline – an easy-to-use interactive summary of the Conservative Government’s anti-trade union policies and proposals.

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