Labour Law Highlights 2015

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By Rebecca Tuck, Stuart Brittenden, Betsan Criddle & Claire Bowsher-Murray Labour Law Highlights 2015 This year’s Labour Law Highlights is the first to be produced since the election of a majority Conservative Government and provides a timely summary of the government’s priority labour law policy areas. No surprise then that it starts with an overview and critical analysis of the Trade Union Bill, including its restrictions on the right to strike and proposals to remove long established check-off and facility time arrangements.

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About the book

The authors also consider the Conservative’s pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act and their determination not to repeal the tribunal fees system, despite the drastic fall in the number of workers able to pursue a complaint against their employer.

As the authors say, the outlook in 2016 for those advising workers on their legal rights is challenging, both in relation to the ability to pursue collective disputes and the ability to enforce individual rights through the tribunal system. What will continue however, are workplace issues which require resolution. To assist, the authors take readers through what they assess to be the most important cases of the previous year including cases relating to pay, health and safety, whistleblowing, TUPE, unfair dismissal equality issues and much more.

This accessible booklet is an essential addition to every trade unionists library.

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