International Comparative Publications

European Works Councils – Extending the Trade Union Role

By Brian Bercusson

Published in February 1997

Brian Bercusson, Professor of European Law at Manchester University, looks at the European Works Councils Directive and suggests a number of trade union strategies to maximise the democratic possibilities of these new bodies.

Worker Participation and Collective Bargaining in Britain: The Influence of European Law

By Joe O’Hara

Published in November 1996

Written by a trade union legal officer, this detailed study looks at developments in European Union employment law and their impact on British industrial relations.

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Working Time in Britain: Towards a European Model - Part I: The European Union Directive

By Brian Bercusson

Published in January 1994

Are you a member of a trade union?
Part I updated and reprinted November 1996

European Social Dialogue – Alibi or Opportunity

By Professor Bob Hepple

Published in August 1993

Hepple traces the development of the European social policy, explains the weaknesses of the social chapter and urges unions to develop a set of fundamental principles for the protection of workers’ rights.

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