Federation News Spring 2012: Meeting the Challenges of Age

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Published in June 2012

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This edition of Federation News focuses on the issues challenging trade unions in relation to the extreme ends of the age spectrum, both in the workplace and within unions themselves. At one end of the spectrum we have mass youth unemployment and deskilling, while at the other, poverty or blatant exploitation of the elderly. Both have to be challenged. We should fous our sights once again on the compatibility of a full employment economy and a reduced retirement age with a comfortable pension.

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The articles in this edition of Federation News nudge us in this direction and focus on important questions: how can unions better engage young people in trade union activities and structures? What do young people themselves want at work and in the union? What role can unions play in negotiating "active ageing" agreements in the workplace to encourage employers to use the skills and expertise of older workers to assist the development of young workers? What can we learn from best practice agreements negotiated in other countries?

These issues and more are addressed by an expert panel of contributors in this timely focus on age at work.

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