Federation News: The Right to Strike: A Summary

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Executive Editors Keith Ewing and Carolyn Jones

Published in May 2007

The last edition of Federation News contained a series of articles from trade union General Secretaries outlining why they believe the time is right for a Trade Union Rights and Freedoms Bill. This edition takes up the same theme with a selection of essays from legal and academic experts highlighting the historical, legal and political arguments for a Bill.

These essays summarise a much larger report with the same title from the Institute, but they also go further. Since the IER published its report in December 2006, UK laws have once again been in the international spotlight for failing to meet agreed labour standards. The latest report from the ILO’s Committee of Experts, raises significant concerns which undoubtedly strengthen the case for changing British labour law.

With a new labour leadership about to take office and with Europe looking to “modernise labour law to meet the challenges of the 21st century”, this edition of Federation News offers both a timely reminder of our past and informed options for our future.

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