Federation News - Pensions post Turner

Submitted by carolyn on Sat, 01/04/2006 - 19:06

Published in April 2006

This edition of Federation News coincided with the publication of the final report from the Turner Commission and with a period of industrial unrest, as local government workers took action against unilateral changes to their pension entitlement.

There seems general consensus around the two main themes developed by the Pensions Commission. First state pensions should be more generous, less means-tested and linked to earnings rather than prices. Second, there should be automatic enrolment into a National Pension Saving Scheme, administered through PAYE with contributions from workers, employers and the state through tax relief.

But as ever the devil is in the detail and despite the general consensus, concerns remain, not least about the lack of additional money for today’s pensions suffering from the impact of past government policies and employer pension holidays.

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