Federation News: Equality: Are We Catching Up?

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by Various Authors

Published in August 2007

This edition of Federation News focuses on equality – and there is much to focus on! The last few years have seen major changes – changes both in legislation and in the institutional structure of the enforcement agencies.

We have seen new strands of discrimination attract legislative attention (age, religion and belief and sexual orientation) as well as new positive duties placed on public bodies. We have witnessed the creation of the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights together with the imminent demise of the existing sex, race and disability commissions. And very soon, following the Discrimination Law Review (DLR) and numerous consultation documents, we hope to see the introduction of a proposed Single Equality Bill.

So has this activity generated more equality and less discrimination? Will the new Commission incorporate the best practices of the previous Commissions without losing their specific expertise? Has the recent report of the DLR identified the current problems and proposed effective solutions? In this edition of Federation News leading academic and legal experts join trade union officers in an excellent collection of articles addressing these and other questions.

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