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Challenging Disability Discrimination at Work

By Mary Stacey and Andrew Short

Published in August 2000

The 2nd December 2000 will be the fourth anniversary of the coming into force of the employment provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA). The DDA was seen as a long overdue measure to give disabled people legally enforceable rights.

Challenging Race Discrimination at Work

By Karon Monaghan

Published in March 2000

This timely publication, by one of the UK’s leading barristers in race law, provides a comprehensive guide to the complexities of UK race discrimination law.

The book is designed to help trade union representatives challenge race discrimination at work and includes an overview of the Race Relations Act together with detailed chapters on identifying and proving race discrimination in the workplace through to bringing a complaint to an Employment Tribunal. This chapter also gives an overview of the remedies that might be available to a successful complainant in an ET.

Age Discrimination in Employment

By Malcolm Sargeant

November 1999

In 1999 the government introduced a Code of Practice on Age Discrimination in Employment. The aim of the Code is to introduce good practice into employers’ policies on recruitment, selection, promotion, training, redundancy and retirement. It is argued that when 12% of employers feel that people aged 30 are too old to employ, and another 25% believe 50 is too old then some form of protection against discrimination is required.

Women in Labour: Parenting Rights at Work

By Sandra Fredman

Published in October 1995

Race Relations in the Workplace

by Qudsia Mirza

Published in April 1995

The author evaluates race relations in the workplace from three perspectives – the legal framework, the contribution of the trade unions and the European dimension. She goes on to suggest ways in which European-wide measures could be introduced as a way of guaranteeing important civil and social rights.

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