Equality Act 2010

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By Aileen McColgan

Published in October 2011

One of the aims of the Equality Act 2010 was to streamline the mass of discrimination legislation built up over recent decades. And, as Aileen McColgan, the author of the report notes, the consolidating and rationalising functions of the Act are to be welcomed. However, she goes on to comment that some "oddities" remain and, more fundamentally, that the Act was a disappointment to those who hoped for a radical shift away from the individually focused provisions it replaced.



Aileen McColgan is a leading expert in equality law and this publication assumes a degree of knowledge of both statutory and case law developments. Rejecting a step by step guide to the law, the author instead provides a critical insight into three focused areas: First, those aspects of the Equality Act which have effected significant change; second, the Act's new public sector equality duty and third, those aspects of the law which remain unsatisfactory and in need of further reform, particularly around equal pay.

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