Equal Pay, Privatisation and Procurement

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By Margie Jaffe, Bronwyn McKenna & Liane Venner

Published in August 2008

Women working full time are paid on average 17 per cent less than men, rising to 36 per cent for part time workers. Employment tribunal figures show that virtually one in five of all claims in 2006/07 was an equal pay case. Most were multiple claims brought against public sector employers. However, a focus on the public sector masks greater pay inequality in the private sector, where the gender pay gap is nearly double that in the public sector.

This timely publication looks behind some of the leading equal pay cases and examines the causes of pay inequality. The authors highlight the link between privatisation, the entrenchment of the disadvantaged position of women at work and the legal hurdles they face trying to manoeuvre between the complexities of equal pay and transfer laws. They conclude with some imaginative proposals for reform.

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