Employment Rights Publications

Federation News: Enforcement Issues

Edited by Steve Gibbons

Published in August 2009

This edition brings together an excellent range of issues highlighting the problems associated with the enforcement of rights at work.

Agency and Migrant Workers

By Dr Sonia McKay

Published in July 2009

Agency working is high on the political agenda. A draft European directive means that the UK will have to introduce a new law to give a right to no less favourable treatment for agency workers, compared to directly employed workers.

Agency work is also the subject of political debate, due to the poor terms and conditions that many agency workers experience, particularly those in low paying jobs and significantly where they are migrant workers. For this reason a publication on agency work and migrants is timely.



20th Anniversary Report

20th anniversary

Published in February 2009

The Institute celebrated its 20th anniversary on 27th February of 2009 with a reception at Congress House, kindly hosted by the TUC and sponsored by UNITE, POA and Thompsons Solicitors.

To help us celebrate our achievements, we produced a 20th Anniversary Report highlighting the origins and work of the Institute. We hope to use that report throughout the year to promote our work to an ever increasing audience.

Federation News: Europe at a Crossroads

Executive Editors Mark Bell and Carolyn Jones

Published in August 2008

Religious Discrimination at Work

Sorry, we are now sold out of this book. However, you can still read the book electronically - and most of our others books - by becoming a subscriber

By Lucy Vickers

Published in February 2008

This booklet, written by Lucy Vickers, an acknowledged expert in the field, critically evaluates the scope of the Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations 2003 and looks at how the Regulations interact with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Providing a service? the new TUPE Regulations 2006

Hard copies of this publication are now sold out. Electronic copies are still available and can be ordered below

by Stephen Cavalier and Richard Arthur

Published in February 2007

It is 25 years since the TUPE Regulations became law in the UK. The original 1981 Regulations implemented the European Acquired Rights Directive, 1977. The idea behind TUPE was to protect the rights of employees if their employer decided to transfer their business to someone else.

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