Achieving Equality at Work

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Achieving equality at work edited by Professor Aileen McColgan


  1. Foreword Professor Barry Fitzpatrick
  2. Chapter 1 Equality and diversity: a new framework? Aileen McColgan
  3. Chapter 2 Race and work Karon Monaghan
  4. Chapter 3 Towards sexual orientation diversity at work Sarah Hannett
  5. Chapter 4 Diversity of religion and belief at work - the new legal framework Mark Bell
  6. Chapter 5 Eradicating disability discrimination at work Mary Stacey
  7. Chapter 6 What's the difference? the question of age Lucy Anderson
  8. Chapter 7 Sex equality at work Aileen McColgan
  9. Chapter 8 Enforcement and remedies Aileen McColgan

About the book

The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Race Relations Act 1976 were the first steps in building a framework of law to protect traditionally marginalised workers. Since then progress has been achieved on many fronts and consequently UK workplaces are more diverse than ever before. Despite this inequality remains a fact of life for many and the complexity of legislation makes it a difficult area of law to be readily accessed and understood. The European Employment Directive, due to be implemented in stages from December 2003, sets to extend protection to those workers currently not covered. Critics fear it may further confuse this already complicated area of law and on the eve of the Directive's implementation the Institute of Employment Rights has compiled a comprehensive report on the current law and the likely impact of the new legislation. The findings are detailed in our latest publication Achieving Equality at Work with each chapter written by an expert in their field.

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