WATCH: Employment Law Update 2020 (Part 2)

A review of the most significant employment law cases over the past year.

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About this event

This, the second part of our Employment Law Update within our 2020 Employment Law Webinar series, focuses on how case law over the year has affected workers’ rights.

Consistently our most popular annual event, Employment Law Update updates delegates as to the most significant cases going through the tribunal system, their wider impact on the protection of workers, and provides an expert briefing on new laws.

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, the employment tribunal system spent much of this year on lockdown, but some important cases – such as the dispute between Uber and the IWGB – have continued to rage.

Elsewhere, employment lawyers have spent the year analysing the government’s coronavirus regulations and their enforcement, and the changing workplace that has arisen from the pandemic. With more people working from home and suspicions aroused that this will become a longer term trend, delegates will be updated on how the increasingly technological workplace raises new threats of worker surveillance by employers.


– Rebecca Tuck QC, Old Square Chambers – ‘Case law update 2020’

– Tom Kirk, Old Square Chambers – ‘Case law update 2020’

– Madeline Stanley, Old Square Chambers – ‘Case law update 2020’

– Paul Scholey, Morrish Solicitors – ‘Surveillance at work’

– Carolyn Jones, Director of IER – Chairperson

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