Blacklisting: the need for a public inquiry (including a Manifesto Against Blacklisting) (Hard copy)

A thoughtful account of the many obstacles faced by blacklisted workers in their fight for justice and recommendations on improving the law.

Dave Smith | Feb 2020
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About the book

In 2016, some of the largest construction companies operating in the UK confessed that, for decades, they had worked together to systematically exclude union activists and other vulnerable workers from employment, depriving them of an income and a decent quality of life through no fault of their own.

The thousands of blacklisted workers whose lives had been ruined by the blacklisting scandal finally received some compensation for their losses, but in this volume Secretary of the Blacklist Support Group, Dave Smith, explains why money is no substitute for justice.

In his thoughtful account of the conspiracy, which incorporates the first-hand experiences of blacklisted workers and their families, the author leads readers through the multitude of obstacles faced by the victims. These included restrictive employment laws that prevented them from accessing justice, and loopholes manipulated by the employers to force the workers to settle out of court, therefore evading an official conviction of guilt, thus limiting the damage to their reputations.

The book concludes with a call for a public inquiry that forces those involved to publically account for their actions; and a detailed Manifesto Against Blacklisting drawn up by employment lawyer Alex Just, who recommends changes to legislation that would protect workers vulnerable to blacklisting now and in the future.

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